5 Minutes with Deepak Chopra


5 Minutes with Deepak Chopra
Our craving for sweet and fatty rarely leaves us satisfied. Renowned wellness guru Dr Deepak Chopra speaks to us about his new book, What Are You Hungry For?

What led you to write What Are You Hungry For?

A number of years ago, I noticed that I was carrying a little extra weight. I decided to do something about it. I travel extensively and the first thing I did was to eliminate all processed food, refined sugars and I made sure that there was no salt shaker near me on the table. I made sure all the water I drank was purified and I only ate organic produce wherever possible. I call this awareness eating and drinking. A good nights sleep is very important and a constant review of emotion to ensure that I would only adopt the best eating habits.

What do you believe is the leading cause of obesity in the world today?

There are many factors that are very well documented. The one that I am most interested in is the psychology of food. Eating should be a positive experience. We should slow right down with every meal and explore the tastes. Meals should not be rushed, do not eat when you are under pressure or stressed out. Calm yourself and then eat, and do so in a relaxed environment.

What are the emotional triggers that lead people to overeat or indulge in fatty or sugary foods?

Emotions trigger our cravings. Are we truly hungry or are we merely stressed? The confusion often results in poor choices, the chocolate bar, the biscuits and fatty foods can be a mask for the insecurity we feel in ourselves. There is a difference between what we really need to sustain us and what we want impulsively. If we approach food with awareness, we can overcome the foods we want during the periods of negative feelings. We can then make the right choices for food that will nourish us on every level.

What was the most surprising discovery you made?

You would be surprised to learn that I love to be surprised.

Can you share 3 everyday tools that people can use to assist them to manage this urge?

MINDFULNESS- the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself.

MEDITATION- the best way to relieve stress and also overcome negative cravings. Never eat when you are in a state of agitation.

MENU- avoid processed foods and choose organic ingredients that are prepared with  with the minimal loss of nutrients.

What Are You Hungry For is out now through Random House Australia. Dr Deepak Chopra is touring Australia for the Journey to Enlightenment weekend from July 18 on the Sunshine Coast to speak to us about his new book, What Are You Hungry For?.



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