5 Minutes With David Freeman: Founder of H2COCO

By Kate Hassett

5 Minutes With David Freeman: Founder of H2COCO
MiNDFOOD sat down with H2COCO founder, David Freeman, about what to look for in the perfect coconut water and what makes H2COCO stand out from the rest.

What was the selection process like when you first decided on coconuts from the Philippines? 

When the idea of H2Coco was born, after a very sweaty yoga class in New York, the instructor cracked open a full coconut for me to drink. I quickly realised that there was a gap in the Australian market for ready to drink coconut water. So I conducted my own research, visiting all the key coconut plantations around the world. I travelled for 6 months in search for the very best tasting coconuts based on taste and quality. The Philippines was the last country I visited and was the best fitting decision for H2Coco upon inception into the market in 2011.

What is the ethos that helps guide your life outside of work?

Do it with passion. Or not at all.

What do you feel makes H2Coco different from other Coconut water brands out there at the moment?

The Australian market is growing rapidly for coconut-based products. Major supermarkets now see the category as high growth and have dedicated significant display and shelf space to the products. What differentiates H2Coco to our competitors is our distribution; H2Coco is available nationally across a diverse range of retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, BP and Caltex.

H2Coco is moving beyond just pure coconut water. Our product range now includes coconut water, coconut oil and most recently the introduction of the Cocoespresso. Our very fast growing premium product range is 100% natural with no added preservatives or additives.

I believe that with the very speedy growth of the coconut water category it’s important to keep innovating in this space, and it’s something H2Coco intend to focus on for 2015 / 2016.

Speaking of coconuts – where is your favourite travel destination and why?

Anywhere where there is a tropical beach!

I do regular factory visits across Thailand and the Philippines, which never fail to disappoint. Visiting our local manufacturers allows me to mix work with pleasure at the same time.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your work life?

Living in Bondi I’ll regularly go for a beach run, surf or do hot yoga when I can.

Over the past few years I have also obtained my skydiving license. I love the adrenaline rush you get from free falling.

What do you hope it is that keeps consumers coming back for your product?

I’d like to believe H2Coco is a brand that Australian’s are familiar with and trust. We have always ensured to maintain our quality levels across all products, especially our 1L Pure Coconut Water. Being our highest selling SKU we have produced a bigger and better size for consumers to enjoy, preservative-free.

What are your top tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Maintain an active lifestyle, pick the healthier alternatives, eat raw when you can, drink coconut water, take spirulina everyday.

What are your favourite ways to enjoy coconut water?

After a workout I will mix H2coco Pomegranate & Acai coconut water with my protein, gives it a bit more of a kick then plain water. I also use our H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil on my roasted sweet potato chips – simple & tasty!

What do you wish consumers knew more about, when it comes to the benefits of coconut water?

I think it’s important for consumers to know that not all coconut waters are the same. They need to ensure they purchase a packaged coconut water that maintains the benefits of a fresh coconut like H2coco. As the demographic becomes more health orientated and turns away from added sugars it’s important for consumers to realise that the sugar inside a coconut is natural.

They also need to be aware of the amazing hydration benefits and knowing they’re consuming a product that is 100% natural, with no added preservatives like some other products on the market.

Visit H2COCO.com for more information.


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