5 minutes with Cameron Diaz

By Michele Manelis

5 minutes with Cameron Diaz
MiNDFOOD's cover star Cameron Diaz airs her gripes with technology with us in light of her hilarious new film, Sex Tape.

In the upcoming comedy, Sex Tape, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, who play a bored married couple looking to rekindle their sex lives, find they are technologically challenged and have unwittingly uploaded a three hour video of themselves in the act.  How does Diaz fare in the real world of technology?

“Technology hates me,” admits Diaz.  “I have an iPhone, which I am building a relationship with slowly, though I still have my Blackberry that I use mostly because I know exactly what it does and it actually works.  It does what I ask it to do, but the iPhone – we are taking it slowly.  It’s been a process.  We have been getting to know each other over the last year and I am starting to sort of kind of trust it a bit more.”

She continues on her personal rant.  “Sometimes I feel like it’s a personal vendetta against me.  I really don’t understand technology and it just comes at me.  Sometimes I look around my house and there’s nothing that I have that actually works.  And the whole thing with audio/video systems and the guy who installs it is like, ‘Oh, it’s foolproof, all you have to do is touch this, touch this, and wipe that.’ The next thing, your whole house is completely wired and you can get music in every single room, and whatever movie you want and you are like, ‘Yeah, here you go. Here’s all my money!’”

“Then one night you come home and sit down and (pretends to use a remote) and end up like a primate. I’m shaking the remote and making grunting noises at it. I just don’t understand it, it never works for me.”


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