5 important things for your morning routine


5 important things for your morning routine

Start the day with the right mindset by following this simple 5-step morning routine guide, and ensure your day is a great one.

It’s so easy to get caught up with the busyness of life; rushing around, making poor food choices and leaving exercise as the last priority. To ensure you start the day in the right mindset to improve your health and fitness, Australian Sports Scientist and Outdoor Fitness Specialist Luke Ashcroft claims that it all begins with your morning routine and there’s five key things to do every day.

Ashcroft shares his checklist of the five most important things to do every morning to start the day with the right mindset:

Practice optimism and gratitude

Give yourself a few minutes to practice gratitude every morning. Reflect on a person, experience or opportunity you are grateful for. Even just smiling signals your brain to release all the feel-good chemicals like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin!

Review your goals

Spend a few minutes every morning reviewing your goals with the end goals in mind. Make sure all goals are SMART. Work out what you achieved yesterday, what you can achieve today and always keep in mind what you want to achieve in the long term.

Plan “what”

Map out what actions you need to take today to get closer to your goal. It doesn’t need to be a complex list. One or two things is all you need to start.

Plan “when”

Now it’s time to map out your day. We are much more likely to do something when we set aside a specific time to do it. But even if you are not able to plan your day meticulously, just putting “10,000 steps” or “15 minutes of HIIT” on your to-do-list will give you a measurable goal to complete.

Remember the good vibes

Remind yourself how you will feel once you have completed your specific action steps for the day and even more importantly, how you will feel once you’ve achieved your long-term goal.

Use the morning as a time to pump yourself up for the day ahead.


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