5 food trends to watch in 2019


Keep your tomatoes out of the fridge to preserve their flavour.
Keep your tomatoes out of the fridge to preserve their flavour.

With every new year comes a new bunch of food trends set to change the way we eat. Here are just some of the things we predict 2019 has in store.

“Ugly” produce

Food companies have had a long history of refusing to sell any fruit and veg that doesn’t meet very narrow cosmetic standards for size, shape and colour. This meant that misshapen carrots, bumpy tomatoes and blemished apples got thrown away, even if they were perfectly fresh and flavourful. However, as we begin to recognise the importance of reducing food waste, mainstream markets are beginning to sell more “ugly” produce – and consumers are buying it. This trend is set to gain even more momentum in 2019 and beyond.

Meatless options

More people than ever are embracing vegan and vegetarian diets, and this means we’ll be seeing a huge rise in the meat-free alternatives available in store. Lab-grown “meat” may finally hit the market, while other faux-meat options will continue to improve their flavour and texture so that even dedicated carnivores may choose to go “flexitarian” and incorporate more plants into their diets.

Shelf-stable probiotics

We’ve all been learning the importance of gut health, and research in the area is growing. This has led to the creation of new shelf-stable probiotics (probiotics that remain safe to eat when stored at room temperature). In 2019, you can expect to see them integrated into foods like soups, snack bars and cereals – and they’re a great way to increase healthy bacteria in the gut.

Frozen fancies

We all love a cool treat on a hot summer’s day – but if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional ice-cream, 2019 will serve you more options than ever before. Not only are dairy-free options constantly improving in terms of flavour and texture, but new ingredients like avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water will also make an appearance. Will they stand up to the original? Only time will tell!

Reusable/recyclable packaging

2018 was the year we officially broke up with plastic, and we’ll see companies adapting to the change in 2019. Single-use packaging is likely to be replaced by multiuse and compostable packaging – and at home, more people are going to make the switch from food storage options like plastic wrap to more reusable alternatives like beeswax wraps.



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