5 easy ways to turn your water into the ultimate summer drink

5 easy ways to turn your water into the ultimate summer drink
Top 5 water hacks to stay deliciously hydrated this Summer.

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We all know that drinking water is imperative to maintaining adequate levels of hydration, yet a surprising majority of us still don’t get enough of the good stuff into our systems.

Whether it be that we’re always on the run, or we simply don’t like the taste of it, there’s no excuses when it comes to not focusing on your health and wellbeing this Summer, especially when drinking water is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

Drinking water at home can be particularly tiresome, tap water is never cold enough, or feels as fresh, so how can we improve the taste and make drinking water irresistible?


Think your water

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun water filter jug provides an easy way to maintain your family’s well-being. The replaceable MAXTRA filter technology reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances, leaving just great tasting, filtered water. This simple way to provide filtered drinking water for you and your family is the perfect Summer solution to staying hydrated. For more information visit thinkyourwater.com

Cooling Cucumber and Mint

Slice a whole cucumber into small pieces and add to your glasses with a handful of slapped mint. Let sit in the fridge until nice and cold and enjoy the cooling sensation as you sip.

Lemon and Orange

For a zesty spin on the classic lemon garnish, add slices of lemon and orange for a slightly sweet and seriously refreshing beverage every time you reach for your filtered water.

Watermelon and Mint

You can’t go past this classic combination. Slice up pieces of ripe watermelon into small chunks and add to your glass with a handful of mint and get ready to feel like your on holiday every day of the week.

Freeze it up 

Get creative with your ice tray by filling trays with fruits such as raspberries, pomegranates, blueberries and watermelon or even cherries and freeze. Next time you pour yourself a delicious glass of water, reach for the tray and top with fruity surprises that only get better with every sip.





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