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4 ways to make your home more tech-friendly

4 ways to make your home more tech-friendly

4 ways to make your home more tech-friendly

Who said life wasn’t meant to be easy? Well it can be, at least on the home front with smart technology evolving our everyday life.

Putting away the groceries, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, they are just a normal – but often time consuming – part of everyday life. While we may be a long way off getting a robot to change the sheets and empty the dishwasher, Samsung’s new range of home appliances is certainly lightening the load of some common chores.

The new home appliance range is smart, stylish and designed to bring a whole new level of personalisation to the Australian home. Andrew Wand, Head of Home Appliances Australia at Samsung explains how their new innovations are changing the way we live. “Product development at Samsung involves an extensive amount of research. Not only do we look at how the market is evolving and trending, but we also look at how people are living. This year people are spending a lot more time at home, and we are paying close attention to how people want to live in 2020 and beyond. We know technology is only successful when it plays a meaningful role in someone’s life – so putting people at the forefront is our top priority when it comes to product development for home appliances.”

The latest Samsung Home Appliances that are making home life more convenient include the Washing Machine and Dryer Simple UX Range, Jet Stick and Clean Station, and 2-Door Family Hub.

SMART & STYLISH: 2-Door Family Hub
“We want to ensure our appliances are designed for how people are living today and include the latest technology and innovations that Aussies have come to expect in our leading range,” says Wand. This is particularly evident through Samsung’s refrigerator range. Their recently launched 2-Door Family Hub comes in matte black, a flat finish and is under 185cm so it fits into a regular cavity and looks outstanding. “As well as looking good, it has some amazing features – from revealing what is inside the fridge with the swipe of two fingers on its stunning touchscreen to being able to customise the home screen to suit your family’s needs,” explains Wand. The 2-Door Family Hub 5.0 software update also includes enhancements to some of the most popular features such as the Meal Planner and Food Reminder apps allowing you to stay on top of your food goals.

MAKING LAUNDRY LESS OF A CHORE: Washing Machine and Dryer Simple UX Range

Samsung is continuing to set the standard for the modern home with a full range of innovations. These new smart appliances reinvent daily tasks, empowering people to spend their time focusing on the things they love, with the people they love, in a space they love. A great example Samsung has released that has had a real impact on daily life is the ‘AddWash’ feature within their front load washing machines. This feature has changed the way people wash, offering the ability to quickly add in a forgotten item of clothing or fabric softener after your wash cycle has started. “I am passionate about the whole range but I am very excited about our new Washing Machine and Dryer Simple UX Range that we have just brought to market this month,” says Wand. “With AI Control, the new Samsung washing machine familiarises itself with user preferences to provide automatic suggestion of wash cycles on its display. Paired with a simple user interface, AI Control eliminates the need for users to scroll through cycles to find the right fit, or to input their individualised settings each time. The new range has a modern design and uses AI technology to make it simple to use. It has premium design with personalised settings that can adapt to a person’s lifestyle via machine learning. It also ‘talks’ to the dryer so you can remove a load from the washing machine, put it straight in the dryer and via remote learning it will select the appropriate setting.”

With hygiene being such a major focus at the moment, the Samsung Jet Stick Vacuum and Clean Station has proven to be very popular. The Jet Stick vacuum is powerful, lightweight and with its HEPA Filtration system it is a really hygienic solution. But what is new is the industry-first Clean Station – a contactless disposal of vacuum dust. “We have all experienced the reflux of dust that goes back into the air when you’re emptying the canister,” says Wand. “The Clean Station uses air to extract the dirt and dust into the dustbin which stops it from releasing back into the air, offering an innovative end-to-end cleaning solution. An important benefit if you have anyone suffering from asthma or allergies in your home.”

CLEAN, FRESH AIR: Samsung Air Purifier
With Australians spending up to 90% of their daily lives indoors, breathing clean air while at home has never been more important. Packed with intuitive features and smart technologies, the new Samsung Air Purifier range is designed to keep homes healthy and clean. While many of us are aware of the pollution in our modern lives, very few are aware that indoor air quality can be worse than outside air containing common airborne particles such as gases, dust, chemicals, bacteria and various odours that come with everyday lifestyles. “Air Purifiers are designed to make air in the home as pure and healthy as possible,” says Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia. Ideal for families with children, households with pets or asthma and allergy sufferers, Air Purifiers can capture up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust and even bacteria to help combat seasonal allergens. Samsung’s new range is designed specifically to purify air in all types of living spaces quickly and powerfully. For large rooms, the AX7500 and AX5500 utilise 3-way airflow and dual power fan. The front air inflow draws in air from the front, which ensures it operates just as effectively even if it’s placed against a wall. It then goes through three distinct filters to offer a multi-layered purification system that is designed to capture airborne particles, harmful gases and inhibit the spread of captured bacteria.

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