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4 Steps for Staying Hydrated at Work

4 Steps for Staying Hydrated at Work

Don't get dehydrated - stay healthy on the job with these simple tips.

4 Steps for Staying Hydrated at Work

No matter what your job is, staying hydrated is important for maintaining focus, preventing stress and promoting good overall health. There are always distractions to delay you from topping up your water supply, especially when you’re preoccupied. Often remembering to eat, let alone drink, can be challenging. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to increase your drinking habits.

Presence is paramount

The first and simplest way to ensure you stay hydrated is to always have a drink bottle on your desk, in your car or wherever you work ‘office’ is located. Having a bottle nearby at all times is a visual reminder to top up, and often you will find yourself taking a sip without even realising.

Hydrating foods

Plenty of foods have a high water content and therefore increase your hydration levels. Try to eat foods like celery, strawberries, cucumber and citrus fruits at morning and afternoon tea to stave off hunger and promote nutrition and hydration.

Add flavour

If, like a lot of people, you find yourself struggling to drink enough water because you simply don’t like the taste, spice your water up with a little flavour. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon or a couple of mint leaves to your bottle will freshen your water and make it more exciting while still providing the same benefits.

Don’t forget hot drinks

Remember that you can also increase hydration with your daily hot drinks. Instead of having a coffee or black tea, have a herbal tea. This is a tasty way to stay hydrated while also adding other health benefits. There are a huge range of herbal teas out there, so find a flavour that works for you and replace that morning caffeine hit.

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