3 Reasons To Visit Oman


3 Reasons To Visit Oman
From lively bazaars to record-breaking mosques and vast desert dunes, Oman is the jewel in the Middle East’s crown.

Within the phenomenal mosques and fortresses and throughout the long alleyways of ancient souks and marketplaces is where you will find the real Oman. Neighbouring the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula, it is a country full of rich Middle Eastern heritage and vast sandy landscapes. With Peregrine Adventures you’re able to get a taste for old-world Arabian shopping and spend one night under the desert stars. By venturing out on a seven-day round trip of the country you will quickly find yourself immersed in Omani culture and history.

Thanks to Oman’s Sultan, all modern-day construction fits in with the classical Arabic architecture, unlike many of the country’s glitzy neighbours – towns remain low-rise and retain their classic charms. It is a destination where you can get a glimpse of the Arab world not distorted by excessive wealth.


On this trip you will see the beautiful Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, which is home to the world’s second-biggest carpet. A chandelier measuring a staggering 14 metres and weighing 8.5 tonnes illuminates the men’s prayer hall, and the magnificent building can house 20,000 worshippers. You’ll also have the chance to explore the residence of Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Al Alam Palace, which is surrounded by the impressive 16th-century Portuguese forts of Al Mirani and Al Jalali.


Get a taste of local life with visits to centuries-old mountain villages where you will meet the people and learn about their embroidery, woodwork or silverware. In the charming fishing village of Barka, watch on as the day’s catch is hauled in. On to the bustling souks of Nizwa, you’ll see Omanis trading like they have for hundreds of years and enjoy a traditional lunch on the edge of the desert with a nomadic Bedouin family. In Ibra, one of Oman’s oldest cities, watch people hard at work weaving, crafting pottery and harvesting lush plots of bananas, mangoes and dates.


For a truly memorable evening, discover a slice of paradise camping under open skies in the Wahiba Sands. As the sun sets over the majestic dunes, which stretch for 12,500 square kilometres, you’ll be treated to traditional food and music around an open fire at your desert camp for the night. Go barefoot to watch the sun set before settling in for a night of food, fun and festivities.

Peregrine Adventures will help you have the trip of a lifetime in Oman. Call 0800 770 107 or visit peregrineadventures.com



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