3 common kitchen injuries, and how to avoid them


Housewife accidentally cutting her finger by knife in kitchen, home traumatism, stock footage
Housewife accidentally cutting her finger by knife in kitchen, home traumatism, stock footage

It may be the heart of the home, but the kitchen can also be a dangerous space if you’re not careful. Here are some easy ways to help prevent the most common kitchen injuries.


They may seem like the safer option, but blunt knives are actually a big risk in the kitchen. This is because they require extra force to cut through your produce, resulting in reduced control of the blade and increasing the potential for a mistake. You should therefore ensure your knives are sharp, and always take your time when slicing and dicing to reduce the chance of slipping and cutting yourself.

Also make sure you are storing your knives properly after use, stowing them in their rack or block to minimise the chance for accidental contact. And never leave them in the sink, as it’s easy to forget they’re in there, stick your hands into the sudsy water and cut yourself on the blade.


It’s easy to burn yourself in the kitchen, but if you’re careful you can often avoid injury. You should always use an oven mitt when touching hot trays and pans – and make sure it’s dry, as wet oven mitts will conduct heat and burn you. Pay attention when draining hot pasta or vegetables into the sink, as you could be burned by either the water or the steam.

You should also keep pan handles turned inward – as if the handles are sticking out over the edge of the stove, someone could bump them and send the hot pan and food flying. And never mix hot liquids in a blender, as they can explode out even if the lid is on.

Slips & Falls

To reduce the chance of falling, make sure you mop up any spills immediately so the floor isn’t slippery. Keep all drawers and cabinet doors closed when not in use, and ensure your kitchen space is free of debris, clutter and obstacles that could cause you to trip. Another good idea is to keep frequently used items within easy reach so you don’t have to climb up and get them.



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