2071 – Performance for Social Change

By Danielle Pope

2071 – Performance for Social Change
Hear all about the play critics are calling "climate denier garlic"

2071 is a performance about climate change, created from the words of prestigious scientist, Professor Chris Rapley. This beautiful production fuses the facts of climate change and our planet’s history of global warming with astounding 3D projections and an original music score. Theatre, science and art combine to imagine what the world might be like in the future.

First produced by London’s Royal Court Theatre in 2014, the production received critical acclaim and was an immediate success with performances in Germany, Brussels and two seasons in London.

Director of the Australian production, Tim Jones says that the issue of climate change is one that is important to him, “I sit where a lot of people do I think,” he says. “I know a certain amount about it and was keen to find out more. I am particularly invested in it too because I have children, and thinking about the kind of world that they grow into, is of great concern to me.”

2071 perfectly frames the climate change facts and challenges within a beautifully structured and eloquent dramatic monologue. Jones says that he hopes the audience will take away a message about being empowered to deal with this pressing issue, ”

The Australian production will feature state of the art projections by Joe Crossley (Vivid Sydney) and an original musical score by award-winning composer Andrée Greenwell.

2071 is part of Vivid’s Great Ideas series which engages with significant issues of our time, provoking thought and public discourse around big contemporary questions.

“An urgent call for the greatest collective action in history” – The Guardian UK

“2071 strikes me as pretty essential viewing if you want a sensible overview on what is happening to our planet” – TimeOut UK

Thursday 8 June – Arts and Activism: Can theatre really create social change?

Following the performance of 2071, director Tim Jones will lead a discussion on the role the performing arts can play in promoting social change. He will be joined by some leading Australian experts in arts and activism. Jones says that theatre provides an interesting platform for discussing climate change. “Climate change is a complex issue and really demands detailed thinking around it, and that can’t be got on a one minute screen grab before you are on to the next thing,” he says.

2071 is showing until 10 June as part of Vivid Ideas. For tickets and more information see their website here



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