15-year-old develops new store-topping app

Dubbed by some as the next Mark Zuckerberg, Sydney school student Ben Pasternak has created an app with the help of his friend which has been downloaded more times in the past week than the hugely popular Twitter and Tinder apps.

Impossible Rush is a simple minimalist puzzle-style game in which users tap to rotate a multi-coloured wheel in order to line a side up with falling balls of a corresponding colour.

The product of procrastinating in science class, Pasternak recruited his friend and coding whiz from Chicago, Austin Valleskey, to help create the app in just a matter of a few hours.

Pasternak’s mother is over the moon at the popularity of her son’s app, however remains modestly unsurprised at his success: “so many kids at his age just sit home and play games, but he’s not interested in that. He’s interested in creating new technology,” she said.

With Impossible Rush already being downloaded over 300,000 times, Pasternak does not want to stop there.

“Everyone I tell has the attitude that there are a million-plus apps out there, they said ‘what are the chances of your app working out? You’re just a 15-year-old-kid’… But now Impossible Rush is out I’ve proven to myself – and everyone – that it’s going to work out,” Pasternak told The Sydney Morning Herald.

So what does he have in store next? Apparently an app called ‘One’, which allows users to access their Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter feeds all from the one place – letting us catch up on all our updates from the day much quicker.

World’s first “smart desk” revealed

See the Stir Kinetic, a desk with an in-built touch screen which seeks to correct our posture and stop us from remaining in one position for too long.

Powered by a motor, the Stir Kinetic knows whether you have been sitting or standing, and lets you know every twenty minutes by “breathing” – meaning it gently rises and falls about an inch. Each breath is a reminder to the user that they should soon shift position.

If someone wishes to change their stance, this can be done through tapping the touch screen twice, if not, they can ignore the breath and continue on with their work.

Do you think this desk could become the workplace standard in the future? Or is it needlessly interactive?




The Stir Kinetic can currently be purchased for a little under $4,000