13 timeless kitchen designs to inspire

Browse the Kitchens By Design Lookbook and be inspired to give your kitchen a timeless makeover.

With more than 70 years of experience and over 60 design awards between them, the team of designers at Auckland’s Kitchens By Design has their own individual style, and are passionate about creating the ultimate lifestyle space for your home.

They share 13 inspired kitchen designs that will have you wanting to remake your own:

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Summer colour trends for calm, inspired living spaces

This summer, interiors will embrace the idea of soft minimalism, with palettes featuring gentle, nurturing colours, contrasting textures and dustings of mint and lemon.

With the wellness movement in full swing, the focus in design will be on creating calming, reflective interior spaces that allow us to block out the visual noise and turn our attention to self-care.

“Wellness has emerged as a major theme in the design world for 2019, with many of us looking to switch off our digital devices and focus on nurturing our tired bodies and spirit,” says Dulux Colour and Communications Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr who adds that colours should be selected to compliment this calming trend.

“This palette is a significant shift from the playful brights and rich, luxe tones of last year. Rather than looking outward for inspiration, this season’s understated colours and intriguing textures draw you inwards and encourage moments of stillness and mindfulness,” she explains.

Expect to see a paring back of the overdone or unnecessary; the idea is to surround yourself with furniture and accessories that serve a purpose and bring you happiness. “Environmental awareness will be an important thread running through design in 2019; rather than discarding those pieces we no longer have a use for, we’ll be encouraged to repurpose or reimagine them in a new way,” Lucena-Orr explains.

“When choosing colours from this trend palette, think about how they’ll work with your existing furniture, flooring and soft furnishings. You should also factor in the room type and any colours in adjoining spaces. One area this palette works particularly well is the bedroom.”

The great thing about colour is how quickly and easily it can transform a space. Whether you choose to paint an entire room in this season’s hues or add smaller accents, pull out your paintbrush and watch the space come to life.

5 tips for achieving that summer decor look with a splash of colour

Lucena-Orr suggests considering the following when adding colour to a space in your home:

  • Curves are key; choose furniture with rounded edges and soft, sumptuous cushioning.
  • Balance out soft pastels with warm, mid-tone timbers.
  • Add in contrasting natural materials, such as a stone, wool and linen in the form of side tables, accessories and cushions.
  • Inject small doses of unexpected brights, such as citrus, mint and gold, through decorative accessories such as vases and tableware.
  • Give new life to an old piece of furniture, by painting it in a complimentary tone, or a contrasting accent colour.