13 Standout Staircase Designs

From bold and winding centrepieces to sleek and modern stairwells, discover the award-winning staircase designs we’re loving in 2020. 

For new builds or home additions the staircase is a key consideration when it comes to style, budget and the flow of your home.

Staircases like these by Madeleine Blanchfield Architect and Henry Francis Design, can dominate a space and creating the ultimate ‘wow’ feature.

Tree House by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, Photography Anson Smart

Skywalk by Henry Francis Design, Photography Andrew Richey

Staircases consist of many parts. The “risers” are the vertical part of of a stair, they can be closed or open. Closed means the stairs have a solid riser, and you can’t see through the staircase. Open means the riser is clear.

The straight open riser timber stairs in the Breezeway House allow for maximum light and space.

Breezeway House by David Boyle Architect, Photography Brett Boardman Photography

Closed risers prevent you from seeing what’s underneath the stairs and also allows you to use the space for other functions such as storage or a powder room. The staircase in the Armadale House by Sanders & King features clever closed risers design that allows for functionality while keeping a sophisticated feel.

Armadale House by Sanders & King, Photography Sharyn Cairns

Other designers like Brad Swartz Architects in the Darlinghurst House deliver clever design with a wine rack and small bathroom.

Darlinghurst House, Brad Swartz Architects, Photography Tom Ross

The “tread” is the horizontal part of the stair you put your foot on. This is often stained timber or carpeted.

“Nosing” is the front edge of the stair that protrudes over the riser beneath.

The Solid House by Coy Yiontis Architects uses a combination of concrete and timber stairs to create floating treads, while using rods from the ceiling as support.

The Solid House by Coy Yiontis Architects

“Stringers” are the side component that support the treads and risers of the stairs. They can also be cut or closed. A closed stringer can hide the treads from view when side on to the staircase, or they may be cut, exposing the side profile of the treads.

Tamarama House by Bennett Murada Architects, Photography Brett Boardman Photography

This staircase in the Ivanhoe Residence has a traditional stringer, the two supportive boards on either side of a flight of stairs. Stringers can be either freestanding or mounted against an adjacent wall like the one featured here.

Ivanhoe Residence by Doherty Design Studio, Photography Derek Swalwell

The staircase in this Victorian-era house has undergone a major design transformation to create a striking white and stone staircase that showcases its geometric design.

Inarc Architects, Photography Peter Clarke

Balusters are the vertical posts made from materials such as wrought iron, timber or stainless steel. While balustrading is essential for safety purposes, it also makes a design statement.

The handrail allows for steady egress up and down the staircase. Newels are the support columns within a staircase and they are often a design feature.

Photography Shannon McGrath

The streamline handrail in this sweeping staircase compliments the contemporary stone steps in this home known as Indigo Slam by Smart Design Studio.

Indigo Slam by Smart Design Studio, Photography David Roche

The Permiter House features a bold, black staircase and screen, complimented by the home’s wooden features and stone floors.

PERIMETER HOUSE by MAKE Architecture, Photography Peter Bennetts

Effortlessly classic, this black and white winding staircase in the Toorak House offers timeless elegance. with a modern touch.

Toorak House by Robson Rak Architects and Interior Designers,, Photography Brooke Holm

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