11 Lip Colours We’re Going to be Wearing this Winter

Winter might be coming but bold and beautiful shades of lip colour are set to heat up the season. If you tend to find yourself gravitating towards subtle neutral hues, the arrival of cooler weather is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace vibrant colours.

Whether you’re more fond of gloss or love your lip colour, there is an array of clever formulations for all lip colour lovers. Not sure what shade to start with? Opt for a classic hue of red which will flatter all skin tones and forget about applying it ever so precisely.

Ditch the lip liner and experiment with your application method by applying lip colour to the centre of your lips and then blend it outwards using your fingers for a more undone, natural approach to your favourite shade.

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose is a Must-Have Scent for the Season Ahead

There’s nothing quite like a spritz or two bewitching fragrance to make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. Synonymous with the confident, courageous and radiant femininity of the modern day woman, since launching in 2017 the Mon Guerlain fragrance family has become our go-to uplifting scent. 

The latest addition to the ever-growing Mon Guerlain fragrance family, Bloom of Rose Eau de Toilette, is no exception with it’s mesmerising and sparkling notes that capture the essence of fierce femininity in one eye-catching bottle.

While Mon Guerlain’s iconic notes that we love – Carla lavender, Sambac jasmine, vanilla tahitensis and Australia sandalwood – remain unchanged in new Bloom of Rose,  a captivating duo of neroli and Bulgarian rose are the stars of the new scent. 

“Bulgarian rose is happy, fresh and fruity. It possesses both innocence and maturity,” explains Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser. “It is a rose that I love and that I immediately worked with at Guerlain.”















As for the enchanting hint of neroli, perfumer and co-creator Delphine Jelk says it adds poetry and radiance to the already unforgettable composition. “Its fresh and floral scent recalls the purity of freshly picked orange blossom. It pairs beautifully with the Sambac jasmine
of Mon Guerlain and accentuates its ‘orange tree’ facets,” she adds.

The end result is a truly mesmerising and easy-to-wear fragrance that radiates femininity and cheerfulness. 

Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette Bloom of Rose is available now at Farmers, Smith & Caughey’s, Ballantynes, David Jones and H & J Smith (100ml $217, 50ml, $157, 30ml, $115).