10 year-old Tyrone saved from deportation

By Kate Hassett

The campaign to keep Maria Sevilla and her son Tyron has successfully saved the pair from deportation.

Earlier this month, the case of Maria Sevilla and her 10-year-old son Tyrone, made headlines after a school friend asked members of the Q&A panel, why, “If he can get along with us, and we can get along with him” Tyron had to be deported.

The case, concerning a Townsville nurse and her son, was catapulted into the spotlight after it was found that Ms. Sevilla’s application for a skilled working visa has been denied due to her son being diagnosed with Autism.

The Immigration Department stated in a review of the case, that the application had been denied due to the “burden” Tyrone’s autism would have on the Australian tax payer – should he become a citizen later in life.

After an incredible response from concerned “tax payers” about the welfare of this child, should he be sent back to the Philippines, a 4000 word document was submitted to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton last month, asking him to reconsider.

Mr. Dutton has now retracted the initial dismissal and has announced he will be granting the mother and son permanent visa’s

“I looked at the case and I have determined we will provide these people with a permanent arrangement and permanent outcome in Australia and I think that’s good for them,” said Mr. Dutton.

“I’m very pleased we can provide the assistance to a young boy who is in need of medical and educational support and as a generous country that’s what we do.”

Ms. Sevilla has stated that she is hopeful and excited about the news “It’s been like a rollercoaster ride, but we were lucky, we had plenty of people supporting us, so it became bearable.”

The process will be finalised in the coming weeks.




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