10 ways to enjoy pizza without the guilt


10 ways to enjoy pizza without the guilt
Everybody loves pizza - but it can be high in calories, sodium and saturated fat, so we can't enjoy it as often as we'd like to.

However, there are some simple ways to instantly make pizza healthier so you can avoid the guilt next time you indulge.

Build and cook your own pizza

The best way to ensure you have a healthy pizza is to make your own at home using fresh and nutritious ingredients. This can help you keep the portion size down too by choosing to make smaller pizzas.

Load up the vegetables

Sometimes we struggle to enjoy our favourite dishes when we have to take the best parts out of them. So if you can’t bear to forgo that stringy cheese or a deliciously doughy base, think of what you can add to your pizza instead. Capsicum, broccolini, mushrooms, zucchini and fresh tomato are just a few tasty vegetable options, while lean meat such as grilled chicken or seafood such as prawns can help to add protein and flavour.

flat bread pizza

Serve it with salad

Keep your pizza portion size down by putting less on a plate, and filling the rest of it up with a nutritious salad.

Keep the crust thin

Whether you’re ordering pizza from a restaurant or making it yourself, keep your crust as thin as possible. When making your own pizza, get creative – you could even try making a cauliflower pizza crust if you’re eager to avoid carbs. If you’re time-poor, healthy wraps to use as a base can keep the calorie content of your homemade pizza down.

Spice it up

Speed up your metabolism by adding fresh chilli or red pepper flakes to your pizza. Use spices and fresh herbs to add flavour instead of pouring salt onto your pizza when making it at home.


Cauliflower Pizza with Zucchini Flowers, Asparagus & Caramelised Onion

Blot away the oil

If you’ve ended up with an overly oily pizza, take a paper towel to it to get rid of some of the excess.

Practise portion control

Put part of the pizza on a plate to avoid eating through a whole box if you’ve ordered takeaways. Cutting it into small slices will help you to eat more slowly, allowing your body to register when it’s full.

Cut down on cheese

When making your own pizza, use small amounts of cheese. Consider using low-fat cheeses such as fresh mozzarella, feta, ricotta or goat’s cheese. When ordering from restaurants, look out for vegan options that skip the cheese altogether.


Opt for a wholewheat crust

Whether you’re making your own base, or ordering from a restaurant, try to eat a crust made from wholemeal flour.

Make your own tomato base

Avoid sauces loaded up with sugar, salt and preservatives by making your own.


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