10 Steps to Finding Balance


10 Steps to Finding Balance
Do you feel tired every day? It’s time to turn down the stress dial and bounce back – here’s how.

More than 50% of New Zealanders who seek medical treatment locally diagnose themselves with fatigue, research by Adrenal Fatigue NZ found. Additionally, 60% of Americans feel they are under extreme stress every week and 90% of respondents in the European Union believe stress is a major cause of illness.

Your brain can only correct the balance of cortisol with your body’s support. Avoid fatigue by following these 10 steps:

  1. Rest as much as possible, especially when you feel tired. It’s better to have a slight sleep in one morning if you feel particularly exhausted than get up early and go to the gym.
  2. Get 8-10 hours sleep a night and maintain a regular sleep cycle. While the amount of sleep a person needs varies, this is a good general guideline to follow.
  3. Avoid staying up late – ideally, be in bed before 10pm. This doesn’t mean you have to go to sleep straight away – read a book or try some light meditation if you aren’t at the sleep stage. Stay away from technology once you’re under the covers, though – looking at screens will only worsen things. 
  4. Laugh and do something fun every day – because laughter really is the best medicine. 
  5. Minimise work and relationship stresses. If something or someone is troubling you, address the issue so you can move past it. 
  6. Eat on a regular food cycle, and reduce your caffeine and processed sugar intake. If you do drink coffee, limit it to one cup a day and avoid drinking it after 2pm. 
  7. Exercise often – moderate exercise and walking can help, so incorporate 15-30 minutes into your day where possible. 
  8. Avoid negative people and self-talk. If someone is dragging you down and doesn’t add anything positive to your life, say goodbye. 
  9. Take time out for yourself only and choose to do something you find relaxing. This could be anything – going for a quiet walk outside, having a hot bath, or watching your favourite TV show. The important thing is getting some ‘you’ time.
  10. Choose healthy food and supplements, Zinc, astragalus, magnesium, ashwagandha, fish oil, withania, and vitamins B, C and D3 all fight to combat fatigue. 

Balance it out

Good Health Adrenal Balance contains two unique formulas in the one box: one for daytime and one for night-time. Naturally formulated to help your body cope much better during times of stress, fatigue and mental exhaustion, you can think of Adrenal Balance as a natural programme to help get your life back on track. It’s ideal for those suffering from burnout. Visit goodhealth.co.nz.


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