10 signs that tell you it’s Friday

By Mariam Digges

10 signs that tell you it’s Friday
Here are 10 tell-tale signs that Friday is here without having to look at the desk calendar.

1. The air smells fresher, with an air of opportunity around.

2. It’s not as painful getting out of bed – in fact, it’s almost a joy.

3. You’re thirstier than usual – not so much for a glass of water, but something a little stiffer.

4. You’re walking a little bit slower, knowing that in a few hours, you’ll be on your own time again.

5. You might be wearing jeans, have opted for a more relaxed shirt, or – if you’re really lucky – no shirt at all. And you feel a pressing urge to kick your shoes off. Go on.

6. You didn’t pack your regular tuna salad, sandwich or lunchbox. Today is a day for hot chips.

7. The event-planner in you emerges for the week to organise social outings and long-overdue catch-ups for the days ahead.

8. You’re paying more attention to the shopping or event guide spam that’s hit your inbox during the week. Suddenly, that sale, film opening or exhibition looks appealing rather than just a cruel tease. (Who has time for such things on a Tuesday?) View our top picks for winter breakfast spots here.

9. You contemplate tackling a more adventurous recipe than your now famous throw-together pasta (which always tastes fantastic due to your advanced understanding of leftovers-flavour -combos) even if the ingredient list demands more than one store to visit.

10. Those heavy eyelids are that much more bearable, knowing that a sleep-in is on the horizon, so you order a (full cream) latte, and happily suck it up.



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