Aroma Expert Lift Facial experience

By Milly Nolan

My Aroma Expert Lift Facial at More Than Skin spa was so impressive I may have to add it to my list of regular "prevention" treatments, blog on MiNDFOOD.

While I often fret about the fine facial lines that sadly seem to be appearing overnight, sagging skin is not yet one of my concerns. However, no facial is without benefit and so I happily accepted to trial the 90 minute Aroma Expert Lift facial at More Than Skin spa, which is designed specifically to firm, tone and lift the skin.

I am a huge fan of Decleor products, but I had not yet tried a facial using the range, and what a treat I was in for. To my delight, the facial begin with a blissful back and shoulder massage. By the time I was rolled over for the facial, I was already half asleep.

As my skin was cleansed and various lotions and potions applied, I dozed in and out of sleep in what can only be described as a state of pure relaxation. I woke in time to experience the Hydra mask being applied and to enjoy the scalp, neck, shoulder and arm massage that the therapist gave me, while the mask worked its wonders. The mask was then peeled off and more creams and serums applied. Apart from the fact that the products felt lovely, what I noticed the most was the wonderful scent that was wafting around my nose.

Because Decleor products are based around aromatherapy and phytotherapy, the fragrance of the products reflect their purity and the fact that they are free from synthetic ingredients. The Aromessence Neroli serum was used on my skin after the toner was applied and I have since grown an addiction to this product. It is a 100 per cent pure and natural concentrate and helps regulate each of the skin’s basic functions: sebum secretion, hydration, cell renewal and defence against external assault. It’s a great booster product when worn under moisturiser.

Reluctantly getting up from the massage bed, I left the spa feeling relaxed and renewed but even better yet, my skin was extremely hydrated, very clear and looked much tighter and firmer than before (I had specifically taken note of how elastic my skin was before the treatment). The next day I was astounded to find these results were amplified even more. I may very well have to make this my regular “prevention” treatment so I don’t have to add sagging skin to my list of age-related concerns!

NOTE: For the month of October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, More Than Skin spas in Auckland are offering a 60 minute facial treatment valued at $205 for only $95.

This luxurious Think Pink Facial includes:

Joyce Blok Signature Facial, $95

Eyelash Tint, FREE

Eyebrow Shape, FREE

Hand or Scalp Massage, FREE

Gentle Facial Exfoliant (15ml), FREE

PLUS they will donate $5 to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation for every Think Pink Facial, or $10 for every 50ml Gentle Facial Exfoliant sold at the time of the treatment.

Visit for more information.


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