Annoying travel traits

By Natasha Dragun

Annoying travel traits

I spend a lot of time on the road, and have come in contact with some of the most amazing people as a result. I’ve made friends in the most unlikely of places. But I’ve also been frustrated to tears by the behavior of some of my fellow travellers. Here are a few of the characters that I try to avoid:

The Intrepid Traveller
I’ve met this person many times – they love taking the hardest route possible to get to a place, and will tell you all about it in great detail. Catch a bus, train and plane to get to your destination? The Intrepid Traveller rode there on the back of a donkey. With food and water foraged from the earth. Did he/she mention that it was the middle of winter and -40 degrees Celsius outside. And that he/she lost his/her shoes in a blizzard and had to hitch a ride with wild dogs… You get the picture.

The Boaster
This traveller always tries to one-up you. If you’ve been to five countries on your trip, The Boaster has been to double that. If you’ve spotted a celebrity on the street, The Boaster has had dinner with them. Don’t bother trying to compete. You will never win.

The Culturally Insensitive
Just because someone doesn’t speak your language doesn’t mean that to get your message across you should speak louder and slower while repeating the exact same words over and over. And if you’re in a country where it is custom to dress a certain way or behave in a modest manner, then don’t step out in a bikini and talk at the top of your voice.

The Comparer
This is the traveller who constantly compares where they are to where they have been or where they live. The Indian meal you’re having in Delhi is probably quite different to the one you get in Sydney’s CBD. If you weren’t expecting that, then you probably should have stayed at home.

The Whinger
It doesn’t matter where this person is or what amazing experience they’re having, chances are they will be complaining about it. That amazing sunrise over Mt Everest? It would be nice if it wasn’t so cold. Gazing at the Taj Mahal? Why are there so many people here?
There are plenty more. Who drives you crazy when you’re travelling?


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