A fresh look at fats

By Pete Evans

A fresh look at fats

I get super excited when the cooler months of the year come around as this is when I find cooking the most fun. This is the time of the year when we bring out our stock pots, our casserole and braising dishes and start preparing dishes that take little time to prepare but require longer times in the oven or on the stove top but the flavour that fills the kitchen is so tantalising.

I have mentioned before in previous articles that saturated fat is good, unfortunately we have been brainwashed over the last 50 years to avoid fat like the plague, but guess what, chicken skin is back on the menu.

Dr Walter Willet from the Harvard Medical School has recently announced that he is trying to re educate everyone that the ‘eating low fat to be healthy’ message is a myth, and if we consume healthy fats then we are doing our health a huge favour. Walter even goes on to state that if you are serving chicken then there is absolutely no reason to remove the skin so I thought I would share with you one of my all time favourite recipes for a simple yet impressive roast chicken dinner (check out Pete’s recipe for Chicken Marylands in the August issue of MiNDFOOD).

My advice when eating any animal is to search out and find animals that have had a diet that is natural for them, I can’t over empahise how important this is for your health. A large number of farming practices over the last few decades has seen the dramatic rise in animals being raised/farmed in a way that goes against nature. Now, there a number of issues with this type of farming that I don’t have enough room on this page to go into, but just think about this for a minute.

When we contain an animal in an environment that is foreign and unnatural  for them and then feed them a diet that they are not designed for, then problems start to arise, the animals get sick, then they are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones to keep them alive and guess what? We are the ones that get to consume this tainted meat.  If we encourage and support farmers and fisherman that raise HEALTHY animals then they will in turn will have healthy flesh and fats for us to be able to fully use for our own health.
Pete Evans – Cook with Love & Laughter.


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