Family friendly meals

By Dixie Elliott

A meal shared with family or friends is time well spent, writes MiNDFOOD Food Editor Dixie Elliott.

One of the most enjoyable events in life is “breaking bread”, or sharing food and eating with family or friends.

Ever since my children were little we have enjoyed sitting together to eat dinner.

At times there have been complaints about the television being switched off, but in the end it has always been worthwhile persisting spending time together.

With all of us today having such busy lives, whether it be at school, university or work, it’s good to sit and relax while eating to fill each other in on our day.

It’s a good time to nut out problems or worries and we have always found that this is the time when we sort out problems, worries and have lots of laughs.

Eating with friends is always a great way of catching up and finding out what is happening in each others lives.

We recently went to our friends Wayne and Lucy’s dinner party. They had gone to the fish market in the morning and bought the most beautiful seafood and turned it into a huge pot of bouillabaisse.

It was a really cold winter night and the thick soup was delicious with crusty bread. After the soup we had a winter fruit baked pudding. Delicious.

By the time we were rugging up to go home it was hard to believe that we had been there for hours.

However, in that time we did sort out: global warming, how problematic countries around the world should be run, how to stop all the wars and found that at least half of us should be running for political seats in the future.

Amazing what you can do with 5 hours and a few bottles of wine.


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