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Tricks of the Trade: new season colours

Dick Page, make-up artistic director for Shiseido.. Courtesy of SHISEIDO

We speak exclusively to Shiseido’s make-up artistic director, Dick Page, about the new-season colours and possibilities of a lipstick ‘wardrobe’. MiNDFOOD reports.

Combine an acute eye for colour, texture and detail with a vivid imagination and the result is Dick Page, Shiseido’s make-up artistic director. Having worked on the runway shows of Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and United Bamboo for many years, Page is no stranger to the world of make-up. With a reputation as a rule breaker, Page believes in discovering new things, and is quick to use products in places that aren’t what they are traditionally meant for: cream eye shadow used to highlight the décolleté 
or lipstick as blush. “I don’t really care about trends. They happen and I can take them or leave them. I just like women to look good and feel good,” says Page. “Make-up is part of your personality – 
to be used like an accessory. It’s the same as a purse or a shoe – you should enjoy wearing colour.”

Responsible for developing the products and creating colours for Shiseido’s The Makeup range, Page’s latest collection for the Japanese brand reflects his notion of fun. “The collection as a whole is an invitation for women 
to have fun, to mix, match, clash and create with colour. I see elegance, glamour, energy and beauty in the collection, and I hope the customer 
does, too. I can picture lots of different women customising their looks from 
the range,” says Page.


Shimmering lip colour

Providing a combination of abundant shimmer and sheer colour in 13 shades, the creamy texture of Shiseido’s Shimmering Rouge lipsticks, $51, has a melting point that is so close to the body’s temperature that the rouge slides on the lips with incredible ease. The moisturising benefits of the formula last all day, helping to improve the condition and overall texture of the lips, while 
a photo-smoothing pearl ingredient helps disperse light, giving the lips a fuller, plumper look.

Page says: “My inspiration behind the Shimmering Rouge lip colour was really to expand the possibilities of the lipstick ‘wardrobe’. I was looking for a luminous, chic feeling. Sometimes shimmer in lipstick can look cheap or tacky (not that I’m averse to a bit of tacky, but I’m not cheap!), but Shimmering Rouge is all about energy and colour; it suits active and animated faces. I wanted these colours to be simultaneously playful, elegant and cool.”

Satin-like shadows

From brilliant landscapes to the simplest moments of daily life, the colours in the Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio, $71, reflect things that have captured Page’s imagination. With satin-like lustre and a silky-smooth texture, the colours appear with full intensity on the eyelids. Available in three palettes: Bouquet (a harmonious purple-violet palette, inspired by a wild bouquet of flowers); Voyage (warm colours inspired by a photograph of Shiseido model Raquel Zimmermann in Venice); and Punky Blues (a palette of bright colours creating an exciting collision of pink and blue).

Page says: “There may well be rules when it comes to whether certain eye shadow shades suit certain eye colours, but I’d rather ignore them. I think colourful eye make-up is its own language, to be worn like an accessory. I don’t know that blue and purple are particularly popular right now, but I love how they look, either by themselves or as an accent to more neutral make-up looks. They are just great shades to play with. Purple is a great alternative to the standard black eye shadow route, and blue can be natural and pretty or amped up for a more disco diva feel. Bold colour is a more interesting way to do strong eyes than smoky shadow.”

Smoothing lip pencils

With a choice of three new colours, Shiseido’s Smoothing Lip Pencils, $40, allow you to outline your lips with swift precision. The soft texture gives you the added option of using the pencil as a lip colour to create lasting colour.

Page says: “The Smoothing Lip Pencil is double-ended with a brush on one end, which can be used not only to soften lipliner edges, but is a handy tool to blend your lipstick or lipgloss easily.”

Bronzing powder

Made with a finely processed, silicone-coated powder, the light finish of 
the oil-free bronzing powder, $51, creates a radiant, sun-bronzed look that has staying power, without fading or becoming dull as the day goes on. Available in three shades of bronzer 
from light to dark, it gives the skin a natural, soft-focused smoothness.

Page says: “With bronzer, I’d suggest starting with a light hand. Make sure 
the skin is smooth and matt with powder so the colour doesn’t ‘catch’ or streak, and use a big fluffy brush to buff the bronzer over the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, lightly around the hairline and maybe a trace on the chin. Check the effect and 
see if you want to go deeper.”

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