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Stress-Less Christmas Shop

Avoid extra stress this holiday season with our simple Christmas shopping guide.

Stress-Less Christmas Shop

Shopping for Christmas can be stressful, and at times expensive.

A typical Australian Christmas includes a turkey, ham, prawns, Christmas cake, chocolates – and let’s not forget the champagne. In a comparison shop between ALDI and Coles, we discovered which store could help save a significant amount of money at Christmas time.

It was my first experience in an ALDI store and I have to say, it was exciting. The aisles were wide, items were on special in the middle of the store (they call these “Special Buys”), there were a lot of interesting brands I had never had the opportunity to purchase before and – most importantly – I could buy wine and spirits along with my grocery shop (available in selected stores, see for locations). The inclusion of alcohol in the store meant I did not have to go to two different stores, nor did I have to dig out my card twice.

The shop was easy, and I didn’t mind packing my own groceries at the end with the checkout man nice enough to refund the third ALDI bag that I didn’t need.

My Coles experience was a little different, with buying prawns from the deli, ham and turkey from the back corner and the champagne from an adjoining store. Not that I had ever noticed before, but the aisles seemed cluttered and I felt claustrophobic. I ended up walking around the whole shop before I found what I needed.

One of the biggest things that made ALDI stand out was the stocking of little known and hard to find brands. Apparently around 90% of ALDI’s every day grocery range is private label, with the majority of these products sourced from Australian manufacturers. The quality of the products was equal to or better than market leading products, so you can rest assured you are saving without comprising on quality. On my shop I purchased delicious Choceur Cocoa Dusted Truffles, a FARMWOOD Whole Turkey and Berg Australian Half Leg Ham among others.

Sharing the truffles and champagne around the office, everyone was impressed and pleased to find out they were both from ALDI, which translates into something not only nice, but guaranteed to come at a low price. However going back for a second truffle, I was disappointed to discover they had mysteriously all disappeared! With each of my ALDI purchases delivering incredible taste and flavour, I’m sure this is just the beginning of many surprisingly special (and cheaper) Christmas feasts.

Overall, the ALDI shop was $41.32 – almost 30 per cent – cheaper than my Coles shop and had all the key ingredients for a perfect Aussie feast, including a larger ham as well. Now this is Christmas!

Item ALDI Coles
1.5kg prawns $39.99 $41.47
Half leg ham $41.69 (approx. 6kg) $48.47 (approx. 5kg)
Medium turkey $19.99 $30.00
Christmas cake $13.99 $20.00
Truffles $3.99 $18.00
Champagne $29.99 $33.32
Extras 2 x bags @ 15c N/A
Total $149.94 $191.26


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