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Kiwi dad gets hearing aid tattoo to help his little girl feel better about her cochlear implant

Image credits: Anita-Alistair Campbell

Alastair Campbell has gone to extreme lengths to make sure his hearing-impaired daughter doesn't feel alone

Kiwi dad gets hearing aid tattoo to help his little girl feel better about her cochlear implant

A parent’s love can see them taking drastic measures, in fact it’s not uncommon to hear them say that they’d do absolutely anything to help their children. This New Zealand dad has taken this idea to the next level, getting a hearing aid tattoo on his head to match his little girl’s cochlear implant.

Alistair Campbell’s ink now keeps his beloved daughter Charlotte’s hearing aid permanent company, helping her feel better about her cochlear implant. The six-year-old child has severe hearing loss, and has had an implant since she was four years old. Campbell was unfazed by his tattoo, both in terms of pain and the finality of it, explaining his hair could always grow back. This is Campbell’s one and only tattoo which makes it all the more special – it’s completely inspired by his little girl.

The dad has said he’ll soon be growing his hair back, but plans to shave his head if Charlotte requests it, or if there’s a special occasion to attend.

Hearing loss is genetic in the Campbell’s in family. Both Campbell’s second son, Lewis and Mrs Campbell’s mother wear hearing implants, and hearing aids.

As Father’s Day nears, Mr Campbell is surely in the running for father of the year. This dad’s  action will forever be a permanent reflection to the world that he loves his daughter, but more importantly an indication to her that her dad will go to any lengths to keep her happy and confident.

Would you or have you gone to extreme lengths to ensure your child is happy?

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