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Dr Veronique Delvigne on Lancome’s Teint Miracle

MiNDFOOD talks to Dr Veronique Delvigne, scientific director for Lancome about Teint Miracle, their innovative new foundation.

Why do you believe that Teint Miracle is Lancome’s most innovative product to date?

Teint Miracle has been created as a result of a totally new understanding on the amazing journey of light within the skin, and not just light reflected on the surface of the skin.

Lancôme has shown that the light is not only reflected at the surface of the skin, but also penetrates within the different compartments of the skin, interacting with the melanin of the epidermis, with the microcirculation in the dermis, and is reflected by the collagen fibres – a couple of figures : 5 per cent of the light is reflected, 95 per cent penetrates within the skin, 55 per cent will be absorbed and disappeared in the deep layers, 40 per cent will be reflected to the surface of the skin . 

Teint Miracle, by boosting the reflection of light at the skin’s surface AND by reproducing the inner light, is able to boost the index of beauty skin by +56 per cent on average.

Is ten years a long time in the world of cosmetics to develop and research a product?

To research and to find takes time! During this 10 years, we have created a laboratory dedicated to this field of research, we have established external collaboration with key partners in different fields of research, and also with suppliers to create, exclusively for ours labs, unique pigments – all those researchers are protected by international patents.

What excites you the most about Teint Miracle? What makes Teint Miracle so unique?

To take into account for the first time the role of light with the living part of the skin – in others words, to consider the skin, in a cosmetic sense , as a living structure, and not as a reflective surface – it is a totally new way of considering the tissue, which has enabled us to create this unique foundation

What do you think women are going to love the most about this new foundation? 
The natural effect, the ability to cover and to create a perfect complexion, preserving the free circulation of light, boosting the natural inner glow

How did the science of optics play a part in the development of Teint Miracle?

As mentioned before, it is the basis of this new product – a totally new understanding of the interactions between light and skin, a totally new thinking on how to create a foundation by playing with a new generation of pigments.

What do you believe are the main contributors to a flawless complexion?

3 words : uniformity – luminosity and skin texture .

What differences should we expect to see on our skin while wearing Teint Miracle?

A significant increase of each of the parameters mentioned (uniformity, luminosity, and skin texture), in a natural manner


Do you think optics is the beginning of a new direction in skincare and make-up for Lancome?

Definitively Yes, – as you have read, we have unleashed for Teint Miracle, a new field of research, – new knowledge of complex optical phenomena gives us an unprecedented understanding to create totally new and innovative products – true for foundation and also for the others categories of make up products

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