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Spreading birthday cheer with 3M

Spreading birthday cheer in the office has never been more easy – or fun.

Spreading birthday cheer with 3M

There’s never a better excuse for wreaking Post-it®  havoc than a team member’s birthday. Which is precisely what happened recently in the MiNDFOOD Office when our producer Efrosini’s birthday rolled by.

Sitting opposite Fross, as she is affectionately known, meant that I took the duty of jazzing up my desk bud’s work area very seriously, coming into the office earlier than usual to splatter my Post-it® art everywhere.

Starting with her monitor, I stuck blue and pink (her favourite colours) Post-it® notes all over her screen, writing the obligatory ‘Happy Birthday’ message a fair few times. Our art director Darren asked if he could contribute too. You’ll see his Post-it® note with the amateur flower there on the screen. I didn’t let Darren contribute again.

The next most-used item on her desk is her mouse and mouse-pad, so we didn’t let them escape the festivity.


Next up was the phone ; I stuck Post-it® notes both on and under the receiver and on the calling screen. I wanted the birthday cheer spread far and wide.


I put one on her desk calendar, mug, and one on Ryan Gosling’s pecs. Fross thinks Ryan is a very talented actor.


We also stuck some Post-it® notes on her fruit, because otherwise they would have looked sad.


Over to the Post-it® Easel, where I could really flex my visual art skills. Darren came up and asked if he could contribute again. It was a ‘no’ from me.


As expected, Fross really loved what we had done with her desk. Her birthday was two weeks ago, but she still has remnants of Post-it® cheer floating about, so I guess that means we succeeded. Thanks 3M ­– we couldn’t have done it without you.

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