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Aussie invention takes the sting out of harvesting honey

Buzz grows for the Flow Hive promising an easier time for beekeepers and bees alike

Aussie invention takes the sting out of harvesting honey

The bee-keeping trend has swept the world, with hives humming on urban rooftops, modest locavore cafes like Marrickville’s Cornersmith and even the White House lawn, care of Michelle Obama no less!

Coinciding with the demand for raw honey is an exciting new invention by Aussie father son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson, set to revolutionise the way honey is harvested.

The Andersons’ invention known as the Flow Hive, promises to reduce the mess and stress of extracting honey with many of the arduous steps being eradicated. Fresh honey drips out via plastic tubes through an inbuilt extractor without needing to open the hives and disrupt or hurt the bees.

Aside from enthusing apiarists, there is excitement that the invention may provide the answer to solving the decline in bee health, which has seen hive collapses occurring due to diseases and pesticides.

The invention was launched on a crowdfunding site to immediate success, with the usually complicated process now being simply described as,

“Turn a tap, sit back, and watch the honey pour out. It’s pure, unprocessed, untouched delicious honey directly from the hive.”

The Flow Hive campaign’s initial goal of $70,000 was exceeded within seconds and is currently sitting on a healthy $4,140,710USD with 35 days still remaining.

Would you consider keep a beehive if it was this easy?

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